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Everyone needs a financial institution to safely manage their money, which leads you to needing an account with either a bank or a credit union. Aside from providing a safe place to store your assets, financial institutions also provide many other benefits, such as a place to cash your checks, receive a loan and to take advantage of the multitude of online money management services. How do you make the decision on whether a bank or credit union is right for you? Let’s take a look at some key financial decision making points, and you decide.

Credit Unions


Are owned by account holders, known as Members.

Are owned by stockholders.

Are non-profit cooperatives, organized to provide financial services for its Members.

Are organized to earn a profit off its customers for its stockholders.

Profits are shared by Members through higher savings rates, lower loan rates, and low or no fee services.

Profits are returned to the stockholders.

Voluntarily reinvest in and serve their communities.

Congress enacted a law to force Banks
to reinvest in their communities.

Every Member has an equal vote in their Credit Union.

Banks are run by the stockholders.

The Board of Directors are unpaid volunteers, elected by you, the Members.

The Board of Directors are paid,
and elected by stockholders.

In short, if you are looking for a financial institution where you are more than a dollar sign, a credit union is the perfect choice. You are the owner, so your voice is always heard, you come first, not profit.

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