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Regular CD

A regular CD account with Access Credit Union is the perfect place to invest that money you won’t need access to immediately. A CD offers a guaranteed rate for a set term which is higher than a savings or money market account. Starting with as low as a $500 balance, you can open a regular CD with a six to sixty month term and watch your money grow! If you have a minimum of $10,000 to invest you can earn even more with higher rates for CDs greater than $10,000.

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Do you have money sitting in an IRA savings account and wish you could earn more? Look no further. Access Credit Union offers CDs for IRA accounts. Receive a guaranteed rate for a set term of six to sixty months with a starting balance of as low as $500 and begin earning more on your retirement savings today!

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Accumulation CD

Access Credit Union offers a flexible way to invest in a CD with our accumulation CD product. Earn a higher dividend on your funds and have the flexibility to add funds to the CD over the term to earn even more!


  • 12 month term
  • No opening balance
  • Automatic transfer into CD required
Current Deposit Rates Apply Now