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Visa Platinum Credit Card

A Visa Platinum credit card offers a low and fixed rate and no annual fee. This card gives you the purchasing power you need for major purchases and the flexibility for the small ones. The card comes with a comprehensive array of fraud-fighting tools working in the background to keep your transactions and identity safe. Best of all, you'll get the personal service you've come to expect from your credit union. Apply today for a new card or an increase on your existing card.

Plus, with your Access CU VISA Platinum Credit Card, you will always get:
  • No annual fees
  • No balance transfer fees
  • 24/7 Access CU Credit Card Support
  • Design Your Own Card – make your Access Credit Union VISA Platinum Credit Card as individual as you are
  • Low and fixed rates

How Long Will It Take To Pay Off My Card Balance

Current Loan Rates Apply Now for a visa credit card

Share Secured Visa Credit Card

This is a card for those who have had some problems along the way and now need to begin re-establishing credit.

Here’s how it works:
  • You put the amount of your credit card line in a savings account and we put a hold on it.
  • Use your new Share Secured VISA Credit Card like any other credit card; make charges and pay your bill on time.
  • The credit bureaus see an open credit card and see your good payment history. Your score begins to go up.
  • After 18 months, you will be able to re-apply to qualify for our unsecured Visa.

How Long Will It Take To Pay Off My Card Balance

Current Loan Rates Apply Now for a visa credit card

Having Problems With Your Credit Card?

There are transactions on my card that I didn’t make, or they are not accurate.
Call (866) 820-5790 to dispute transactions or report possible fraud.

I lost my card or it is no longer in my possession.
Call (800) 449-7728 to report your card lost or stolen.

I want to set or update the PIN on my credit card.
Call (888) 886-0083 anytime.